Window Replacement in San Lorenzo, CA
Window Replacement in San Lorenzo, CA

Residential Window Replacement Company in San Lorenzo

When you live in San Lorenzo, California, you understand that you are living in one of the most desirable places in the entire country. The San Francisco Bay area has had an attraction for people from all walks of life since it was first discovered more than 200 years ago. Bay City Windows understands the appeal San Lorenzo has for homeowners and people looking for a high quality of life. We also know that there are plenty of companies who are ready to step up and provide the products and services you need.

When it comes to window replacement, even though the recession has taken its toll on a number of our competitors, we at Bay City Windows want you to know that we also understand that you still have plenty of options available to you.

Why are we confident in saying Bay City Windows is the best?

Most companies will have a tendency to claim that they are the best in the business. While some of these companies may have some merit to their words, at Bay City Windows it’s not just a slogan. We opened our stores doors in 1980 and in the 33 years since we first opened, we have provided window replacement services in San Lorenzo and the surrounding communities to more than 65,000 satisfied customers. For a local, family-owned business, that is quite an impressive accomplishment.

However, we refuse to rest on the successes that we’ve had in the past. We can also tout the fact that we are on the Better Business Bureau’s Honor Roll for several years and this means that there has never been a complaint filed against us. We could also direct you to do your own research about our company online. Visit or any number of online directory and review sites to see what our past customers have had to say about us and we are confident you will be more than impressed with the praise and positive words we’ve received.

Rob Bentley has helped to build Bay City Windows into the best window replacement company in San Lorenzo and other communities throughout the greater San Francisco Bay area. One of the reasons for the success that we’ve had here is our commitment to community.

Our employees live within these communities and we understand what it takes to provide the best service to you, our neighbors.

We also understand that there are many options available to you when it comes to window replacement. While we offer top-of-the-line windows from the best manufacturers in the country, there are also a number of cheaper alternatives. You can find many of these cheaper windows at your major home improvement centers and outlets. While this may seem like an ideal way to go if you’re on a tight budget, in the long run it will cost you more money and you will get far less benefit as a result.

That is why we not only offer the best windows from the highest quality manufacturers around the country, we also offer them at some of the best prices you will find anywhere.

Exceptional service

At Bay City Windows, it’s about the customer experience. When you live in San Lorenzo, you have an expectation of being treated right and to get the best service possible. When it’s time to replace your windows, you are going to likely have a number of questions and concerns about the entire process.

Some of our competitors are either too pushy or are not willing to be involved in the process of determining the right windows for your home. We believe that the best way to have satisfied customers is to offer them the attention and time that they deserve from the very beginning of this process.

Homeowners who don’t consider their property to be a major investment may make quick and rash decisions when it comes to replacing their windows. They may realize at some point that the windows they have are no longer appealing, have problems, are cracking, or are in a state of disrepair and just want a quick solution. A quick fix. These are not your typical Bay City Windows customers.

Our customers value their homes. They take pride in their property and understand that making the right investment when it comes to home improvement means taking the time to understand all about the products and the workmanship that will be involved.

Top quality installation

Our professional installers go through rigorous training when they are hired. Even if they come in with a lot of experience of their own, they are trained in how to install the windows that we sell so that our customers are left with the home that may look as though those windows were designed with it from the beginning.

A locally owned family oriented business

Bay City Windows is invested in our communities. That includes the San Lorenzo community, which makes all of its residents our neighbors. We are proud of the fact that our employees and their families live all across the San Francisco Bay area, including San Lorenzo. We believe this leads to a higher level of customer service and support, especially after 33 years of doing business here.

It also means that we understand the nervousness and apprehension that some homeowners may feel when getting involved in significant home improvement projects. That’s why we will take the time to sit down with you, understand your needs, get to know your concerns, and address every single one in a manner that leaves you much more comfortable and confident in the decisions that you make.

Make the right choice with Bay City Windows

We know that you have options when it comes to window replacement in San Lorenzo. While we at Bay City Windows will stand on our reputation and the more than 65,000 customers who have been satisfied with our work through the years, this home-improvement project is a major investment for you. Take the time to research several different companies and contractors. Ask questions and determine what the right windows for your home will be.

We encourage you to contact us so that we can help guide you in the right direction so you can make the best decision on window replacement for your home, even if that means you choose a different company or windows that we don’t sell. The bottom line is we want to look out for your best interest and we believe that’s why we have been so successful throughout the years.


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