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Our Promise
Our Promise

You Must Know Your Contractor!

Bay City Windows is the one of the Bay Area’s foremost window sales and installation companies. Founded in 1980, Bay City quickly built a reputation for service, quality and value and was soon recognized as the area’s top window company, known for providing “BMW”-type service with everyday, “Chevy” type prices. Now, thirty years on, Bay City counts more than 65,000 satisfied customers in every corner of the Bay Area, from Santa Rosa to Gilroy, Half Moon Bay to Discovery Bay. We also have a hugely popular referral program (whereby Bay City pays any prior or current customer $100 for each referral that leads to new business).

Not Just Another Window Company

It is surprising to see how many window companies will come and go over the years. In fact, some of the Bay Area’s biggest window companies engage in a practice of “hide the ball”: they change their name and obtain a new license every few years in an effort to “wipe the slate clean” after too many complaints and too many poor reviews have piled up to taint their current business name.

Not us. Bay City Windows is Bay City Windows.

We stand by our work and back up every job we have ever done. We are in business for the long-haul, not the short-gain. Our integrity, our quality and our client satisfaction are the most important aspects of our business and we do everything possible to maintain and reinforce that.

We're Home Grown

Bay City is a community-based, locally owned business. Our employees and their families live all over the Bay Area in most of the communities that we service. We are your friends and neighbors. Many of us were born in the Bay Area and the owner is fifth-generation Californian! All of us at Bay City Windows understand the jitters that some folks may have when it comes to home improvement projects. So we do everything we can to make this a “jitter-free” experience and to help you turn a home you like into the home that you love.

Better Business Bureau

You’ll have peace of mind when you work with us -- we are not only family owned and operated, but we’re an Honor Role Member of the Better Business Bureau. Our record speaks for itself -- plus, nearly one-half of our clients are referrals or returning customers!

A Note on the “Great Recession”

The home improvement industry has faced a series of unique challenges in the past few years as the US economy has fallen into recession. Coming after unprecedented growth in the past decade, the recession has created difficult challenges for both homeowners who need to make home-improvement decisions and firms that serve the home-improvement market.

As housing prices continued to rise, American consumers invested in home-improvement as a wealth-building strategy. Now, with a weakened housing market, homeowners are more likely to make improvements to maintain the structural integrity and energy efficiency of their homes. Fortunately, window and window covering projects can have an immediate impact on the value, efficiency, comfort and look of a home, for a relatively modest investment.

Nevertheless, with today’s challenging conditions, home improvement business failures have soared. To that end, we have seen more than a dozen of our competitors go out of business. We have also seen a rise in un-licensed, un-bonded and unskilled contractors trying to work “off the back of their pickup truck” hoping to generate sales. Sometimes that can result in savings for a consumer; more often, it simply results in sloppy work, with second-rate products, no warranty and no future accountability.

As a result, we regularly receive calls from the general public seeking our help because their original window contractor has gone out of business, vanished or simply won’t return any calls. We have also seen a rise in contractors willing to do anything and cut any corner in order to stay alive. Naïve consumers often think this means they are getting a good deal – sadly, that is rarely the whole story.

These are risks you will never face at Bay City Windows.

We have adjusted to the new economic challenges by (i) negotiating better rates from our national manufacturers, (ii) passing the savings on to our clients, and (iii) focusing on ever-better client service. When doing business with us, you can be reassured that we will have been here for nearly 30 years and we expect to be here another 30 years.

In short, we’ll be here for you -- in good times and bad.

Simple System

Our system is simple. We combine the personal touch and customer-service values of a family-run company with the state-of-the-art products and smooth, efficient business operations of much larger companies. Our estimaters and project coordinators personally consult with each homeowner to develop ideas and solve design challenges in the best, most honest way. We listen. A project manager is by your side through every step. We are always polite and friendly.

No Subcontractors

We use no subcontractors—only our own expert installers, all of whom have been with us for many, many years. Our employees’ average time with the company is an astonishing 12 years. And that’s the average!

When you deal with Bay City Windows, you deal directly with us and our people– not with any subcontractors, call centers, overnight hires or “here-today-gone-tomorrow” types. We arrive on time. We clean up after ourselves. We are polite.

It seems like a simple formula, but it is astonishing to see how many companies consistently fail to meet these standards.

Financing Available

If you are short of funds, but are eager to beautify your home, increase its value or just make it more comfortable, we also have successful partnerships and relationships with local and national financing companies who can help get you the windows you want through a quick, affordable, no-hassle lending process.

Homeowner’s Associations, Permitting and Approvals

If you have a Home Owner’s Association with aesthetic or architectural guidelines and restrictions – don’t worry! We can provide you with all of the information you need to accurately describe your project and apply for any and all of the approvals that you might need.

For a small processing fee, we will also take care of all of the local government approvals, variances and permits that might be required.

OK. Now, What if Something Goes Wrong?

No matter how hard the consumer and try contractor try, and no matter how well they communicate, sometimes (but not very often!) something can go wrong with a project. Anyone who tells you that they never make mistakes or have a 100% satisfaction record the first-time, every-time, is not telling you the truth. Thankfully, we have a really high customer satisfaction rating and we always work with a goal of “no-mistakes, no-regrets, no-worries.” However, when things don’t turn out exactly how you wanted, we will work with you, with the manufacturer and with anyone else necessary to make it right. We can’t promise “no mistakes, ever” (although that is always our goal). But we can promise that when an occasional miscommunication or error pops up, we will work tirelessly to make everything right.

Great Value; Great Experience

At the end of the day, for overall value, our prices and our quality can’t be beaten. You will never regret using Bay City Windows. Your home will look great and feel great -- and friends will think you paid three times more than you actually did. (Honestly!!)

Press Release: J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Simonton Ranks Highest in Overall Satisfaction with Windows and Patio Doors for a Third Consecutive Year
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